Top 10 fruits for facial skin health

Top 10 fruits for facial skin health

Facial health for a woman is a very valuable investment. Having a clean, healthy and beautiful facial skin makes women more confident about their appearance. Not infrequently many women who are willing to spend a lot of money just for a facial treatment at a beauty clinic. From this, it is impressed that a beautiful, clean and healthy face can only be found by socialites and other women who have a lot of money.

But did you know that beautiful doesn't have to be expensive? This time I want to share information about the benefits of fruits to treat the health of your facial skin. Use natural methods because the results are more natural and healthier than using beauty products made from chemicals, instead of having a beautiful face will actually make your face unhealthy.


Strawberry is a fruit that is popular in Indonesia, the color of its reddish fruit makes it an attraction. This fruit contains a lot of important nutrients needed for facial skin. Like vitamin A, vitamin C and Vitamin E.

The benefits of strawberry fruit for facial health is to make facial skin clean and smooth, brighten dull skin and eliminate swelling under the eyes.

How to make a strawberry mask is to prepare one ripe strawberry that is still fresh, then blender the strawberry fruit and mix one teaspoon of pure honey. After that, use the strawberry mask throughout the face to the neck while gently massaging. Let stand for 20 minutes then clean your face using cold water and dry using a clean towel. Do it regularly.

9-star fruit

Star fruit is a fruit that is often found because many Indonesian people plant star fruit trees in front of his house. Star fruit is not only good to eat but can also be used for your facial skin care.

The benefits of star fruit for facial health are, it can soften rough facial skin, prevent wrinkles and signs of premature aging, prevent and eliminate acne and reduce excessive oil levels on the face.

How to make a mask from star fruit is to prepare one-star fruit that has been cooked or yellow, then grate the star fruit. After that apply the grated star fruit all over the face to the neck area. Let stand for 15 minutes then clean using clean water. Do it regularly so the results are optimal.

8 Tomatoes

Tomato fruit is a fruit that does not know the season almost every day this fruit is in the market especially in our kitchen. Tomato fruit is very easy to get, planting it is very easy enough to spread the seeds later will grow on its own. Did you know that these tomatoes have more vitamin C than oranges?

Tomato fruit is very beneficial for the health of your facial skin. Tomatoes can treat pimples, soften and brighten the skin and can overcome blackheads, dry and dull face.

How to make a tomato mask for facial care. Take one tomato then blend using a blender, then apply the tomato mask to the entire face area to your neck. Let stand first for 15-30 minutes after the mask is dry wash your face using clean water and dry using a soft towel.

7 Papaya

Papaya fruit is a fruit that is rich in nutrients and vitamins that are beneficial for body health and beauty. This fruit is very easy for us to find, in any area, because the characteristics of the tree are easily adaptable and easy to plant. We must have heard or seen papaya soap products for beauty care. Papaya fruit is useful for removing zits, lifting dead skin cells and cleaning pores on the skin of the face.

How to make a mask from papaya fruit is Take enough papaya fruit about 100 grams then mash or in the papaya blender mix with honey. After that apply the papaya mask to the face area until the Keleher let stand for 20 minutes then rinse with warm water and dry it with a clean towel.

6 cucumbers

The cucumber fruit has many benefits, people daydream a lot of the hardships ... hehe ... it's a little rhyme from me. The fruit of this cucumber has been known for its usefulness for facial skin care, its affordable price makes this fruit a favorite among the wider community. What are the benefits of cucumber for facial skin care? Cucumber fruit can reduce dark circles in the eyes, reduce swelling in the eye bags, reduce black spots and rejuvenate the skin.


Everyone must have known the efficacy of bengkoang fruit for facial beauty. Many beauty products made from bengkoang fruit. The benefits of bengkoang fruit for beauty is that it can remove black spots from acne scars, refresh facial skin, whiten facial skin and prevent premature aging.

Although there are many beauty products made from bengkoang fruit, there is nothing wrong with trying to make your own bengkoang mask because the benefits will be more pronounced and there are no side effects because it is free of chemicals.

How to make a bengkoang mask is to take medium-sized bengkoang, peel the skin then wash thoroughly, mash or blender the bengkoang fruit. After that squeeze the water, then put the juice of the bengkoang water aside for about 1 hour until there is a portion of debris that settles like flour. Apply the flour deposits to the entire face and neck, let stand until the mask dries on its own, then rinse with clean water and dry with a soft towel.

4 Mangosteen

Mangosteen, this one fruit is on the rise because of its many benefits for the health of the body. Various supplement products derived from mangosteen peel are now on the market. The uniqueness of this fruit is that we can guess the contents of the mangosteen before we open the skin.

In addition to body health, Mangosteen fruit is also beneficial for facial skin health. Like smoothing facial skin, brightening facial skin, tightening facial skin and removing zits. This time the only thing that will be used is the mangosteen peel for the fruit to be eaten, unfortunately also for making masks because the taste is delicious and sweet ...

How to take 2 pieces of mangosteen peel that have been cleaned, then in a blender with half a glass of water added. Blend until smooth, then squeeze the water out and leave it for 3 hours until there is a sediment extract of mangosteen peel. After that, use the mangosteen peel as a face mask. Take care of this mangosteen skin face mask every night and leave it until tomorrow and then clean it.

3 Watermelon

Watermelon is a fruit that contains a lot of water, the sweet and fresh taste is very delicious to eat when the weather is hot. This fruit has many benefits for the health of the human body.

Apart from being beneficial for the health of the body which is often used as traditional medicine, watermelon is also useful for the treatment of facial skin beauty. Watermelon fruit is useful for rejuvenating facial skin, softening the skin, overcoming wrinkles on the face and removing black spots on the face.

How to make a watermelon mask is to take enough watermelon about 100 grams mash until smooth and mix 1 teaspoon salt. After that apply the watermelon mask to the entire face until the necklet stands about 15 minutes after that rinse with cold water and dry with a clean towel.

2 Avocados

This avocado fruit tastes bitter so it is better served in the form of juice or fruit ice. Although bitter, this one fruit has its own delicacy and soothing fruit aroma.

Avocado fruit has a myriad of benefits for body and face health. This time I will discuss the benefits of avocado for facial care so that the face looks clean, healthy and beautiful.

The content of vitamin A in avocados can help lift dead skin cells, nourish the skin and moisturize the skin. How to make an avocado mask, first beat the eggs until foamy and add milk powder and mash or blender the avocado meat. Stir until evenly distributed, after that apply on your face regularly. Let stand for half an hour then rinse with cold water.

1 Banana

Bananas, who doesn't know this one. It tastes good and sweet and the affordable price makes this fruit much in demand by the people of Indonesia. Apart from the good taste, this fruit is also useful for facial skin care to stay healthy, clean and beautiful.

Banana fruit is effective for brightening the face, removing zits and removing dead skin cells. The trick is we make masks from bananas then mask the banana smeared-spread throughout the face and neck. Let stand for a few minutes about 15 minutes, after that wash using warm water and wipe using a clean towel.

How to make cucumber masks is to prepare 2 fresh cucumbers and then wash and grate or blender the cucumber fruit. Place the cucumber fruit mask on the entire face and neck. Do not rinse or wash before the cucumber fruit mask dries, about let stand for 20 minutes. After the cucumber mask is dry on your face, wash your face thoroughly using cold water, wipe your face using a clean towel.

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