Health and Beauty Benefits Of of Ylang Ylang Oil

Health and Beauty Benefits Of  of Ylang Ylang Oil

Overview And Intro

The tree named Cananga Odorata, whose ylang ylang oil is obtained, has very bright and oval leaves. These leaves have shapes tapering towards the ends. These trees have long yellow and green flowers in star shapes and these leaves are usually six. Sometimes it appears to be pink. These tree species, which can reach up to 60 meters in length, are always green and do not spill their leaves. Ylang ylang oil is obtained from these trees are very valuable because of the rare flowers. Ylang ylang oil is also obtained by distillation of these flowers. In the day, flowers are collected in the evening so that they do not lose oil because they have the ability to send their oils back to the tree trunk.

These trees are mostly found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Madagascar and the Philippines. Cananga Odorata trees are also known as fragrance trees due to their fragrance of flowers. The oil obtained from these flowers has an exotic odor. In color, they are usually yellow in color, depending on the color of the flowers. Ylang ylang oil obtained from yellow flowers is considered the best quality oil in terms of benefits.

1. Ylang Ylang Oil Benefits for Hair and Hair Use

Ylang ylang oil is one of the best oils from hair loss . It is also an oil that helps prevent dandruff. In addition, the hair has a softening and nourishing property. Strengthens hair by preventing breakage. Ylang ylang oil will also shine the hair again.

Use for hair:  To see the benefits of Ylang ylang oil, you can use this oil in shampoo by mixing a teaspoon. Massage the ylang ylang oil with coconut or jojoba oil. A tablespoon of sesame oil and a tablespoon of ylang ylang oil thoroughly mix and rub your hair. After waiting for about one hour, wash until the oils are completely out of your hair. It is a very effective mask for the revival of hair.

Add a few drops of ylang ylang oil along with coconut oil into the hair care product. You can also benefit from the benefits of hair, except for the fragrance of flowers that you leave in your hair.

2. Benefits and Uses of Ylang Ylang Oil for Face and Skin Health

Ylang ylang oil is highly effective in combating the development of melanoma and skin cancer cells. Ylan ylang oil, which is also used for skin shine and relaxation, is an effective aid for shiny and smooth skin when used for face.

Use for face and skin: Massage your face once or twice a day by stirring two drops of jojoba oil or coconut oil to help prevent this oil skin protector or the signs of aging.

Ylang ylang oil is used to drop a few drops into the oils used for massage.

You can use it as part of skin care by adding the moisturizing feature of Ylang-ylang oil to any lotion or carrier oil.

3. Benefits to Nervous System, Stress and Insomnia

Ylang ylang oil is beneficial for the nervous system and strengthens the nervous system. Relieves the nerves while reducing stress. Breathing this oil in times of concern or depression is a great benefit in reducing negative emotions and thoughts as it quickly heals a person's mood. It is used in the treatment of psychological diseases such as depression anxiety with its calming feature.

If you rub the wrists or neck with ylang ylang oil, you can benefit from the floral smell and calming effect throughout the day.

Ylang ylang oil offers a very good solution for people who have insomnia problems.

4. Treats Eczema and Fungus

Eczema, seborrhea or seborrheic eczema is a disease caused by body cells or fat glands. This disease, which can occur as a result of the inability to produce regular sebum in the body or by infection of epidermal skin cells, may come to a painful state. Ylang ylang oil is a very effective solution against this disease, which usually occurs in the scalp, cheeks, muscles and hair follicles. Ylang ylang oil, which balances the production of sebum, fights against this disease by reducing redness and irritation.

Ylang ylang oil is also used to treat fungal wound and fungal infections. A few drops of ylang ylang oil is mixed with the carrier oil or lotion and the feet are massaged and left overnight. Ylang ylang oil will fight against fungal infection and will be effective in solving the problem.

5. Aphrodisiac

The loss of libido has been quite a problem recently. Ylang Ylang essential oil can significantly improve sexual potency with the aphrodisiac feature. Ylang ylang is the best for those who lose sexual interest due to workload, stress or depression.

6. Benefits to Epilepsy Disease

Tim Betts, a doctor at the University of Birmingham Neuroscience Clinic in the UK, has shown that ylang ylang oil has a positive effect on epilepsy patients. Tim Betts has shown that patients with epilepsy can be put under control if the crisis is ejaculated before the crisis.

7. Improves blood circulation

Ylang ylang oil improves blood circulation in all parts of the body, while reducing blood pressure. It also helps to reduce inflammation in the cardiovascular system.

8. Benefits to the Digestive System

Anxiety, stress, anxiety and depression can cause damage to the digestive system. Ylang ylang essential oil with antiseptic properties is effective in the elimination and reduction of the bacteria or infection in the digestive system. Ylang ylang oil is also present in some drugs produced for the treatment of intestinal infections.

9. Antiseptic Benefits

Ylan ylang oil has strong antibacterial properties and has been used to treat minor wounds in Asia for hundreds of years. Ylang ylang oil is used to cut the wounds from the skin and to help the wounds to heal more quickly. It also provides an effective solution by fighting with bacteria, viruses and fungal infections that occur spontaneously in the skin.

10. Heart Health Benefits

Recent research on the effects of Ylang ylang oil on blood pressure has been very promising. If high blood pressure or heart rate is high, try spreading the oil near the bed throughout the day and night. Those who have irregular heartbeats say they get positive results when they breathe ylang ylang oil.

11. Benefits to Menstruation

The most common symptoms experienced by many women during the menstrual cycle are cramps, bloating, mental changes and headaches. The proven ability of Ylang ylang oil to combat stress is an excellent and effective aid for pain and cramps as well as for emotional problems in this period.

12. Gives Energy

The smell of Ylang ylang oil is invigorating and energizing. To increase the energy level, breathe this oil directly or by diffusing it to your area.

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