20 Benefits of Lemon Oil, Skin and Hair Use and Health Effects on What?

20 Benefits of Lemon Oil, Skin and Hair Use and Health Effects on What?

1. Lemon oil to skin and face benefits

Lemon oil is very effective in the treatment of stains frequently seen in oily skin. The benefits of lemon to the skin are known. Lemon essential oil, which has natural firming, cleansing and antiseptic properties, also benefits in the treatment of pimples and various skin disorders.

Lemon oil is an effective solution for the treatment of cold sores. You can stop the area where you feel herpes by driving lemon oil several times a day. This effect also applies to warts.

  •  Reduces the formation of new oil in oily skin and prevents the skin from secreting excess sebum.
  • Leaves the dead skin, increases the elasticity of the skin and tightens the skin.
  • It is a good moisturizer, nourishes the skin, gives a smooth and smooth appearance.
  • Skin scratches and injuries in the skin to prevent the skin from getting more rapid healing.
  • It is effective in decreasing the brown spots caused by aging, especially when it helps to pass the stains caused by the sun.
  • Apply the lemon oil which is rich in vitamin C to a few drops of glycerin and apply to the drying area before bedtime. After a few weeks, you will see that it is smooth and softer.
  • Lemon oil and lavender oil can be mixed with some water and can be used in the treatment of small skin infections. Immerse a small towel into this herbal essential oil mixture and compress the surface of the infection and allow to soak for ten minutes. While lemon oil cleans the infection, lavender oil provides relief.
  • Lemon oil whitens the skin: Limona aroma that gives the aroma and is a very strong substance that has the effect of treating the color irregularities in the body with dark spots that cause skin darkening. The benefits of lemon oil are very rich in citric acid and other fruit acids. These acids have skin whitening, skin tone equalizing effects. These acids gently peel the skin, regenerate the skin and remove the dead skin. So the dark dead skin goes, instead of brighter and lighter skin.

2. Lemon oil benefits for hair

Lemon oil is very useful against dandruff, hair loss and many problems related to the scalp when applied to the scalp. This natural herbal essential oil, which strengthens the weak hair, makes them grow faster and healthier. However, it accelerates blood circulation in the scalp.

In the treatment of skin irritation, such as billing, 8-9 drops of lemon oil 10 ml jojoba oil after mixing with the scalp massage and wait 4-5 hours, then rinse with plenty of water.

3. Heals the callus

The best way to get rid of the calluses, especially in heels, is to mix lemon oil with a vegetable oil such as coconut oil or almond oil twice a day and apply it to the callous area before morning and bedtime. Lemon oil has benefits especially for heels and is used as a good cure.

4. The benefits of burn wounds

If lemon oil is applied over previously burned and scarred areas, it may reduce the scarring. In addition, due to the refreshing effect of lemon juice reduces the burning sensation in any burn event.

5. Has benefits to lose weight

Lemon oil, which is useful in the removal of unwanted fat and toxins in the body, also has the benefits of providing weight gain by stimulating the part of the brain related to satiety. Limonene in lemon oil has an oil-soluble effect. If three drops of lemon oil drop into three glasses of water and drink all day long, metabolism is accelerated. However, this may not have the same effect on everyone.

6. The benefits of cellulite and cracks

In addition to good cellulite, pregnancy, and weight gain and remove the cracks caused by lemon oil has the benefits.

Extreme massage should be done to the problem area with lemon essential oil. In this region, when the cell is toxin toxins in a more regular appearance is achieved. Lemon oil helps reduce cellulite problem and prevents the formation of new ones.

7. Oral and dental health benefits

A gargle made with diluted lemon oil is extremely effective to eliminate problems such as bad breath and toothache. This vegetable oil eliminates bacteria and prevents them from occurring again. Helps pass through the mouth. It is also known that lemon oil provides a natural whiteness in the teeth. Rub the teeth with lemon oil, especially the tooth stains caused by cigarettes, tea, and coffee very quickly destroy. Another benefit of lemon oil is that it prevents gingival bleeding.

8. Useful for insect and fly bites

If the mixture of lemon oil and carrier oil is applied on mosquito bites, it helps to reduce itching and inflammation and helps the problem area to heal rapidly. It is also good for bee stings.

9. Fights with Candida

It is one of the candida fungi class which is a common yeast infection which is very common and rapidly spread to the body. In the case of overgrowth, it can affect the skin, mouth, throat, and genitals and may also take blood if not treated. Lemon essential oil is effective against yeast infections thanks to its anti-fungal properties.

10. Strengthens the nails

Vitamins in lemon oil are very effective in strengthening the nails and in the treatment of quickly broken nail problems. Nail massage with lemon oil is very beneficial to prevent fungal infection surrounding the nails as it strengthens the nails. Strengthens fragile and delicate nails and prevents yellowing.

11. Has antipyretic effect

Using cold lemon or flu-like disease with lemon oil helps to reduce fever by increasing perspiration. Besides the benefits of lemon oil to reduce fever, it is also effective against infectious diseases such as typhoid and malaria.

12. struggles with stress

Lemon oil refreshes the mind by eliminating negative emotions. It is a natural sedative. It helps to eliminate exhaustion, dizziness, fatigue, anxiety, irritability, and tension.

13. Benefits to the digestive system

It is very useful in the fight against the gas in the stomach and related indigestion, digestive difficulty, cramping, constipation and stomach problems due to the degassing properties of lemon oil. The biggest benefit and advantage of using lemon oil is that bacteria do not show resistance and that bacteria do not gain immunity, as is the case with some drugs that are regularly used.

14. The benefits of the upper respiratory tract

Lemon oil helps to relieve the breathing difficulties and relieves the cough caused by asthma, bronchitis, sleep apnea, pneumonia, and cochlea.

However, it is also known that lemon oil contains limonene which aggravates some asthma symptoms. Therefore, first of all, it is useful to consult a doctor.

15. Effective in the fight against infection

Lemon oil has many effective properties. One of the most important features is that it activates the white blood cells that protect the body against all kinds of infections. It cleans the lungs to prevent colds and fatigue.

16. The benefits of joint pain and rheumatism

Due to its diuretic properties, lemon oil is good for rheumatism and it helps to purify the bacteria and toxic substances in the body. Lemon oil also reduces joint pain.

For this, two or three drops of lemon oil can be added to a glass of water or fruit juice. Or you can mix 6-7 drops of lemon oil with a carrier oil such as castor oil and apply it around the painful joint. The areas applied to the skin can be wrapped with a cloth.

17. Increases concentration

Lemon essential oil focus helps improve alertness and performance. In addition, when mixed with rosemary oil, these properties increase and increase the concentration level.

18. Lemon oil benefits asleep

Lemon oil, which has a relaxing and soothing effect and has the benefit of insomnia, is therefore recommended for insomnia patients.

19. Vascular health benefits

Among the benefits of lemon oil also supports the blood circulation in the body. Since it contains potassium, lemon oil is a drug for heart disease and keeps blood pressure in balance.

The effect of lemon oil, which is an excellent choice to promote the healthy circulation of blood in the veins, is especially effective for varicose veins when used in combination with cypress oil that strengthens the vessel walls.

20. Lemon oil benefits to the immune system

Lemon oil for the body's immune system offers an excellent reinforcing effect. In addition to having a high vitamin content of lemon oil, it stimulates white blood cells and increases the fight against diseases.

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