Improving Your Vision With The Law Of Connection

The mindset aspect of any eye exercise program should not be neglected. This is due to the fact that there is a mind-body connection and your thoughts have an effect on your vision health. Therefore, it is quite necessary to pay attention to this particular aspect of a natural vision improvement program to get closer to your goals of better natural vision without glasses.

The thoughts that you think have an effect on your vision. Negative thoughts if repeated regularly and on a consistent basis, have a negative effect on your eyesight. On the other hand, positive thoughts will have a positive effect on your eye health thereby improving your vision naturally.

There are certain principles associated with the powers of the subconscious mind that you can put into practice to help you improve your vision naturally. One of these principles is called the law of connection. The law of connection simply states that your inner world is connected to your outer world.

Your inner world is defined as the thoughts that you repeat in your mind and the feelings, emotions, hopes, fears, and aspirations that are inside of your head. For instance, some examples of these include the following: emotions such as happiness, joy, sadness, anxiety,and thoughts that are either negative or positive in nature. All of these factors play an integral role in creating your outer reality.

Your outer reality relates to the things that are associated with your outer world such as your job, where you live, your relationships with people and circumstances and conditions in your life related to your social interactions with people who you encounter on a daily basis.

Your inner world has the ability to create situations, circumstances and conditions in your life. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to control your inner dialogue or self- talk and keep it positive on a consistent basis.

Here is an example that illustrates the connectivity between both of these worlds and the impact that your inner world has on creating your outer reality. Let's say for instance, you have an accident in the kitchen. You dropped a jar of jelly and the jar fell to the ground causing pieces of broken glass to fall all over the floor making the floor messy.

The typical reaction is to get very upset and start yelling. Then another family member comes into the kitchen and sees the messy jar of jelly all over the floor and starts complaining about the mess that you have created in the kitchen. Then, suddenly you become angry and you start thinking negative thoughts that eventually carry on over into the workplace environment. At work, in a bad mood, you start complaining that you hate your job, your boss, get into a fight with a coworker and then eventually you end up having a horrible day.

A better scenario for this situation would be the following: Instead of getting upset about the jar of jelly messing up the kitchen floor you could have simply remained calm, cool and collected and could have quietly cleaned up the mess and said to yourself " I am cleaning this up and I am having a great day." Many people may object to this scenario. They may think that this is a rather strange or crazy way to deal with such a situation. However, the bottom line is that in the first situation the person who had the accident with the jar of jelly had reacted negatively to the situation. The person started thinking a series of negative thoughts that eventually created a negative chain reaction of a series of negative events, situations and circumstance in their lives that led to a horrible day that they did not want.

However, in the second situation the person was able to remain calm, reacted positively to the situation and quickly cleaned up the jelly on the floor thereby creating a series of positive events, situations and circumstances in their lives that led to a great day.

The law of connection is a principle associated with the powers of the subconscious mind that states that your inner world is connected to your outer world. Therefore, it is important to control your inner dialogue or self-talk and keep it positive on a consistent basis. As this positive mental attitude creates the situations, circumstances and conditions in your life that will serve you well instead of working against you.

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